Past Events

Sean Swindler, Matt Mosconi, Rene Jamison, and Kathryn Unruh at the 2022 AALS

12/1/2022: Matt Mosconi, PhD: Advancing Research on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at KU: Research Rising and Beyond



11/17/2022: John Colombo, PhD: Adventures in Fish Oil (and Other Tales of a Translational Research Program)



11/3/2022: Kathy Thiemann-Borque, PhD: Predictors of Response to Peer Interventions for Preschoolers with Autism with Limited or No Spoken Language



10/20/2022: Richard Yi, PhD: Dimensions of Psychological Distance and the Valuation of Outcomes



10/6/2022: Nancy Brady, PhD: Identifying Children with Autism at Risk for Remaining Nonspeaking 



9/22/2022: Brad Linnenkamp: Equity in Research: Including Self- Advocate Voices



9/8/2022: Dawn Miller, PhD and Kari Woods: Whole System Engagement for Real and Meaningful Participation and Engagment in General Education for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilites: For Inclusion to Rightful Presence



02/03/22 - Jessica Hellings



01/27/22 - Howard Wills, PhD and Gretchen Scheibel



10/28/21 - Rebecca Hacker, PhD: Social Communication for Children with ASD and the Roles of Communication Partners



09/16/21 - Anjana Bhat, PT, PhD Motor Differences, Related Neurobiomarkers and Motor Interventions for Children with ASD

1/30/20 – Jon Brumberg, PhD (Dole 1031)
Restoring Communication Using Brain-Computer Interfaces

2/13/20 – Erin Bojanek, MA (Dole 2092)
Mechanisms of sensory and motor processes in autism spectrum disorder

2/27/20 – Heather Fielding Gebhardt, MA (Dole 1031)
Rethinking measurement standards of autism symptomology in Fragile X Syndrome

4/2/20 – Meghan Davidson
Diving Deeper into Reading in ASD



4/16/20 – Xueqin Qian
Social Inclusion for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

4/30/20 – Sheida Raley

9/17/20 – Lauren Ethridge, PhD
Developmental Considerations for Sensory Biomarkers in Neurodevelopmental Disorders



10/1/20 – Olivia Veatch, PhD: Deciphering Clinically Meaningful Genetic Effects Influencing Autism Spectrum Disorders



10/22/20 – Lauren Ptomey, PhD: The Promotion of Weight Management and Physical Activity in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities



11/5/20 – Shannon Kelly, MA: Sensorimotor and Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Autism Spectrum Disorder



04/15/21 - Carissa Cascio, PhD: Studies of Somatic Perception in Autism